Along with Auto Tune NI we offer tuning services for most types of cars and vans. Some of the benefits of tuning are:


When the ECU comes from the factory it is configured conservatively including power settings.  It is configured to work it all types of conditions and the same for multiple countries.  Chip tuning can change the fuel to air ratio and the vehicles timing to give your car extra power and torque.

More Fuel Efficiency

As well as more performance car tuning can also be setup to improve your mpg.  This can be at the sacrifice of a bit of horsepower but it depends on what you are looking to achieve from an ecu software upgrade.


Cleaner Burn

If you tune your car/van you will get a cleaner burn, the more efficiency, more power and less build up you’ll have.  This kind of fine tuning means that you will have to more selective in your fuel choices, but it can pay off in a big way.


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